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Bent Ericksen & Associates, the foremost HR Compliance & Management firm in Healthcare, is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with DentalPost, bringing you an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your team’s potential through Drake P3 Personality Assessments.

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Use Drake P3 in one or both areas:

Hiring Process

Predictive Performance Profiling at Its Best

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, finding the right talent is crucial. The Drake P3 system is a game-changer. It goes beyond conventional hiring methods, such as resumes and interviews, boasting a staggering 75% success rate in predicting job success. Imagine having a tool that not only identifies personality traits but accurately foretells work performance in the particular role.

Team Building

Strengthen Your Team Together

Drake P3 creates a team environment of awareness, compassion, and understanding. The assessments highlight individual strengths and how they benefit the team as a whole. Conduct a team Drake training for everyone, or just your leadership team. Drake P3’s comprehensive evaluation encompasses personality attributes, motivators & de-motivators, communication style, and emotional intelligence. It’s the key to unlocking a harmonious team dynamic where each member complements the others.

Unveiling the Power of Drake P3 – Modern HR Management Technology

Our web-based assessment is not just a personality identifier; it’s a comprehensive tool transforming recruitment, interviews, coaching, communication, and performance appraisal. Backed by cutting-edge HR management technology, Drake P3 is your strategic ally in enhancing employee productivity and retention.

How it Works: The Science Behind Success – Tailored Assessments for Healthcare Roles

High-achievers exhibit unique characteristics. Drake P3 evaluates candidates against a composite profile for high-achievers in specific healthcare positions, whether it be a hygienist, assistant, or administrative role. The assessment delves into personality attributes, motivators & de-motivators, communication style, emotional intelligence, and more, providing an objective and consistent evaluation.

Proven Success – Boost Your Hiring Success Rate to 75%

Combined with traditional hiring methods, the Drake P3 system is a proven catalyst for success. Ensure your team’s success by identifying top performers and fostering a workplace that thrives on the right talents in the right roles.

What’s Included? – Insightful Reports for Informed Decisions

With each assessment, receive a detailed report outlining how well the individual matches your needs and the likelihood of job success. The report also provides behavior-based interview questions tailored to assess the candidate’s adaptability and suitability for the role.

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