Join your fellow dental colleagues for a 100% human-centric HR conference, a first of its kind in dentistry: Powering Dentistry’s Growth: The Definitive Dental HR Conference by Bent Ericksen & Associates.

Learn from some of the best and brightest minds in dentistry where the focus is Human Resources across two content-rich days. Experience fast-paced lectures and presentations, as well as engaging panels exploring the evolving HR landscape, such as common and anticipated problems along with their solutions, how to bolster the growth opportunities from HR for both today and tomorrow, plus much more.

Meeting Agenda

Day 1 – 7:30 AM Start 6:00 PM End
Day 2 – 7:30 AM Start 3:30 PM End

Oct. 7 – Day 1

Welcome Breakfast/Packet and Badge Pickup – 7:30 AM

Opening Announcements / Welcome Day 1

Creating a Joyful Practice with a Joyful Team, Patients and Great Results – Amanda Gore

Positively Unleashing the Power of Emotions in the Workplace (Part 1) – Fran Pangakis

Transformational Leadership: Creating A Culture That Endures! – Amy Morgan

Positively Unleashing the Power of Emotions in the Workplace (Part 2) – Fran Pangakis

Your UEP: Improving Recruiting and Interviewing Success – Robyn Reis

Avoiding the Worst (Financial) Hiring Mistake of Your Life – David Harris, Amber Weber-Gonzales

Panel: Learn from the Experts: Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding – Ron Brush, Kathy Asted, David Harris, Robyn Reis, Tonya Lanthier

Networking Reception

Close – 6:00pm

Oct. 8 – Day 2

Welcome Breakfast – 7:30 AM

Opening Statement/Welcome Day 2

Courageous Conversations: Mastering the Important Conversations You’ve Been Avoiding– Katherine Eitel-Belt

The Fearless Dental Team: An opportunity to increase interoffice communication and empower growth – Kay Huff, Kelly Fox-Galvagni

Appreciation in the Workplace: ROCKing Your Practice, from Daily Communication to Team Retreats – Lois Banta

Panel: Learn from the Experts: What Does the Future Hold for the Dental Profession? – Chuck Cohen, Dr. Rick Huot, Abe Kasbo, Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, Dr. Chris Salierno

Closing – 3:30 PM

Course Descriptions

Creating a Joyful Practice with a Joyful Team, Patients and Great Results
Presentation by Amanda Gore

Business (and you are in business) is not about B2B or B2C or B2P—it’s about H2H—Human-to-Human, Heart-to-Heart.

EVERYTHING in life is about feelings. How you feel about you, your team, your competence, your leadership. And how comfortable and safe those around you feel. How valued and special they feel all matters. A lot. Everyone chooses to stay or go based on how we feel.

Just yesterday, a Doctor lost my business because his receptionist knew nothing about my questions and only when I called back and spoke to a more competent and caring person did I consider keeping the appointment, but in the end, I did not! I didn’t feel good about the way I was treated. Everyone is like this and you know it!

Bottom line: HOW people FEEL around you matters. In our Joyful quest, we explore all things:

    • Neuroscience
    • Epigenetics
    • Quantum physics
    • Emotional intelligence

And how they relate to you building a joy-filled practice that people want to work for and come to as patients.

Positively Unleashing the Power of Emotions in the Workplace - Part 1
Presentation by Fran Pangakis

“Emotion” refers to the mental and physiological states characterized as feelings. The more adept we are at discerning the emotional force that is shaping our moods and mental status, the greater our ability to manage our behavior.

Choosing a more constructive and positive response—in the moment— instead of reacting based on habit, is the hallmark of Emotional Intelligence (EI). In other words, a positive outcome, instead of an impulsive or knee-jerk reaction, only to regret your action after-the-fact.

Join us to learn how EI relates to your effectiveness as a leader and business owner, hiring and retaining ideal employees, onboarding new employees with “veterans”, and the emotional impact of constantly training new hires and disengaged employees.

During two 45 minutes sessions we will explore:

Part 1:

    • ABC’S of EI
    • EI’s role and importance in the business world
    • The impact emotions have in today’s stressful work environment
    • How to identify negative consequences of unmanaged emotions on your personal effectiveness
    • Learning the importance of emotional intelligence in building good relationships
    • How EI relates to core competencies
Transformational Leadership: Creating A Culture That Endures!
Presentation by Amy Morgan

If there is anything the past 2 years have revealed, it is the importance of leadership. And most importantly, leadership that creates, maintains, and inspires a committed team to lead!

Today, every person who works for you has myriad choices. Question: How do you create loyalty, respect, and engagement in our post-pandemic environment? Answer: Transformational leadership.

The good news? The skills required to be a transformative leader can be learned! In this session, we will focus on the keys for creating and leading a motivated self-directed team and a resilient organizational culture.

This leadership intensive will explore:

    • The 5 stages of leadership
    • The difference between leader, manager, coach, and counsellor
    • How to diagnose where you stand with your team
    • How to employ differing leadership styles when needed
    • Secrets to increase your effectiveness as a coach (leader)

With this knowledge and skill in hand, you will become a more confident leader. And in so being, your success as a leader, practice owner, boss, manager and employer will be enhanced to more successfully address and navigate today’s challenging business landscape.

Positively Unleashing the Power of Emotions in the Workplace - Part 2
Presentation by Fran Pangakis

Part 2:

    • Connecting the dots and how each emotion relates to the other
    • Strategies and exercises for increasing your EI
    • Ways to help you develop more positive relationships at work and a more optimistic outlook
    • How EI applies to effective leadership (coaching versus managing)
    • Techniques to apply in the workplace to enhance employee relationships and increase productivity
    • How to put EI into action: a commitment to honoring emotions in yourself and in others and means of achieving greater self-awareness, self-control, and self-motivation

The result will be greater effectiveness, productivity and confidence. And, as you come to comprehend your own emotions and behavior, you increase your understanding of what drives the actions of those around you. With this knowledge, you can improve your relationships, and above all, your happiness.

Your UEP: Improving Recruiting and Interviewing Success
Presentation by Robyn Reis

Success is driven by people. And no leadership function is more critical than the ability to motivate, effectively manage and retain qualified and competent people. That process begins with improving your recruiting and interviewing success—getting it right from the start.

As a result of the pandemic, the labor market is tighter than ever. Challenges abound just finding people to work. Your recruiting and hiring efforts need a wholesale “refresh” for success. That starts with clarifying your “Unique Employment Proposition” and including emphasis on a candidate’s attitude, emotional intelligence and “fit factor”, not just skills and experience.

This session will help you:

    • Avoid common recruiting and hiring mistakes
    • Learn tips & tricks that are working in other practices
    • Discover where the good people are hiding
    • Create more effective job postings
    • Establish a mindset of elimination, not selection
    • Effectively screen candidates and eliminate wasted time (phone, video, team)
    • Learn key interviewing guidelines, including areas to stay away from
    • Employ techniques to “unmask” candidates

The benefits include better hiring and decreased turnover, meaning less emotional and financial stress.

Avoiding the Worst (Financial) Hiring Mistake of Your Life
Presentation by David Harris and Amber Weber-Gonzales

The tight labor market persists and experts predict it is going to continue. It remains challenging just to find qualified candidates.

In this environment, it is easy to skip steps in the hiring process—going for the quick hire because you finally have a “live one” with a pulse. Don’t do it!

In this presentation, dental forensic accountant and private investigator David Harris will discuss case studies involving “serial embezzlers” to show how these unsavory people obtain jobs in dental practices that they never should have gotten. Moreover, David’s presentation will help you avoid becoming their next “victim”.

Key points will include:

    • Learning how to critically read a resume
    • Enhancing pre-employment screening processes
    • Learning how to find out what an applicant doesn’t want you to know

We all know that turnover is emotionally and financially costly. Layer on top of that the impact of embezzlement and you have a formula for a very bad day, month and year—all of which is avoidable.

Learn from the Experts: Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding
Panel: Learn from the Experts: Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding


    • Kathy Asted
    • Ron Brush
    • David Harris
    • Tonya Lanthier
    • Robyn Reis

Help is here. Given how pivotal recruiting, hiring and onboarding are, following our individual presentations on subject, we will convene a panel of experts on the same topic to get additional views, insights and strategies, and, most importantly, answers to your specific questions. From compensation ranges and signing bonuses to developing talent and integrated SOPs, this panel will help instill greater understanding about how to be successful in today’s challenging labor market.

Moderated by Tim Twigg.

The Fearless Dental Team: An Opportunity to Increase Interoffice Communication and Empower Growth
Presentation by Kay Huff and Kelly Fox-Galvagni

Fear cripples change and paralyzes growth. Fear of making mistakes, speaking up, offering different ideas, opinions or points-of-view. Fear about possible reactions, push-back or quitting when encouraging change or providing feedback.

Dental practices are unique. Few businesses operate in such a knee-to-knee, eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart environment. Varied personalities can either feed off of each other to produce a well-oiled machine or they can clash causing drama, cliques, unhappiness and poor work ethic.

Even with these challenges, it is possible to create an organization of ‘fearlessness’, of open, honest communication and employee empowerment. This presentation will help you learn the importance of how team members and systems need to be in sync and work together productively.

Keys of discovery include:

    • The vital role of having and sharing a vision
    • The positive and negative impacts of words
    • The importance of successful team meetings
    • How to more effectively manage a team of unique individuals
    • Learn to read personalities and understand which style of communication works best
    • Identify a person’s style in order to select how to relate, work, communicate and get optimum results
    • Understanding team dynamics to support better working relationships

Attendees will gain the confidence to let their voices be heard and express themselves in a fearless atmosphere of respect and understanding.

Courageous Conversations: Mastering the Important Conversations You’ve Been Avoiding
Presentation by Katherine Eitel-Belt

A cornerstone of productive, positive work cultures is the ability to communicate within a team with compassion, accountability, non-judgement, and accuracy.  This presentation will help owners and managers stop avoiding these important conversations and learn to embrace and succeed with them by using a self-management checklist and a simple 4-step conversation framework.

This presentation includes real-life examples and live demonstrations. You will be inspired by what can be accomplished both professionally and personally when succeeding with necessary conversations about broken agreements, under performance, non-participation, negativity, or toxic attitudes and learn a life-changing way to improve leadership, relationships, and results.

In this presentation you’ll learn:

    • 3 steps to developing a leadership mindset
    • 4-part courageous conversation framework
    • How to lead and coach others to unlock their potential and create alignment and accountability.
Appreciation in the Workplace: ROCKing Your Practice, from Daily Communication to Team Retreats
Presentation by Lois Banta

An important emerging area in organizational success and development relates to “appreciation” and specifically the impact of appreciation and recognition in the workplace. It is well documented that individuals in the workplace need to feel appreciated in order to enjoy their job, do their best work, have positive work relationships and stay with their organizations long-term.

The time is now to elevate your game by getting your MBA, i.e. “Motivating By Appreciation” and learning the steps to ROCK your practice back into productive happiness.

During two 45 minutes sessions, we will interactively explore:

Part 1: Key Components Relating to Appreciation in the Workplace

    • The importance of appreciation
    • The five languages of appreciation and how to put them to work
    • Tools for showing and expressing appreciation and making it an organizational habit
    • Individualizing expressions of appreciation by speaking the right appreciation “language”
    • Improving everyone’s ability to show appreciation for difficult co-workers

Part 2: Combining Appreciation in the Workplace and the Power of Retreats

    • Why consider a team retreat (an idea whose time has come)
    • The pros and cons of retreats
    • How retreats coalesce positive team dynamics
    • What kind of ROI can you expect from retreats
    • Retreats as the ultimate differentiator and contributor to “stickiness”

Creating a more positive work environment has myriad benefits, all of which fuel growth, in other words productive (and profitable) happiness.

Learn from the Experts: What Does the Future Hold for the Dental Profession?
Panel: Learn from the Experts: What Does the Future Hold for the Dental Profession?


    • Chuck Cohen
    • Dr. Rick Huot
    • Abe Kasbo
    • Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz
    • Dr. Chris Salierno

Help is here and talk about a powerful panel! What does the future hold for practitioners today? We will convene a panel of experts on the topic of “What Does the Future Hold for the Dental Profession?”

Not only will we gain from the insights and perspectives shared by our panelists, attendees will also be able to get answers to specific questions and/or concerns, and get ideas to help develop strategies to make decisions for a more secure and sustainable future.

Moderated by Tim Twigg.


Kathy Asted

Kathy Asted

Lois Banta

Lois Banta

Ron Brush

Ron Brush

Chuck Cohen

Chuck Cohen

Katherine Eitel-Belt

Katherine Eitel-Belt

Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore

David Harris

David Harris

Kay Huff

Kay Huff

Rick Huot

Rick Huot

Kelly Fox-Galvagni

Kelly Fox-Galvagni

Abe Kasbo

Abe Kasbo

Tonya Lanthier

Tonya Lanthier

Pamela Maragliano-Muniz

Pamela Maragliano-Muniz

Amy Morgan

Amy Morgan

Fran Pangakis

Fran Pangakis

Chris Salierno

Chris Salierno

Robyn Reis

Robyn Reis

Alan Twigg

Alan Twigg



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