Team Building, Staff Selection and Job Matching

Imagine receiving an Owner’s Manual for your team. How they operate, what drives them, how they will perform in their role. The Drake P3 isn’t your average assessment.

Hiring Process

Predictive Performance Profiling at Its Best

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In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, finding the right talent is crucial. The Drake P3 system is a game-changer. It goes beyond conventional hiring methods, such as resumes and interviews, boasting a staggering 75% success rate in predicting job success. Imagine having a tool that not only identifies personality traits but accurately foretells work performance in the particular role.

Team Building

Strengthen Your Team Together

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Drake P3 creates a team environment of awareness, compassion, and understanding. The assessments highlight individual strengths and how they benefit the team as a whole. Conduct a team Drake training for everyone, or just your leadership team. Drake P3’s comprehensive evaluation encompasses personality attributes, motivators & de-motivators, communication style, and emotional intelligence. It’s the key to unlocking a harmonious team dynamic where each member complements the others.

Hiring Process + Team Building

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The best of both worlds. This infuses Drake throughout your organization, giving you valuable insights and solid team communication during every stage of the employee lifecycle. With reduced turnover, hiring should be infrequent. But when it eventually happens, you want your new team member to plug in seamlessly.

On an ongoing basis, as new employees are hired, you can revisit the Drake Team Analysis. The process is simple: your existing team already knows how they all work and communicate together, so you just need to compare the motivators and communication styles with your new person. This drives team cohesion and speeds up the onboarding process!

Will your applicant be a top performer?

More than just a personality type identifier, the Drake P3 is a powerful web-based assessment that accurately predicts work performance. It uses leading-edge HR management technology for increasing employee productivity and retention. It is a modern tool for recruiting, interviewing, coaching, communication, and performance appraisal. Better hiring should be a high priority for all employers due to the financial impact and emotional stress associated with turnover.

How does it work?

High-achievers have different personality characteristics than low-achievers. The Drake P3 system evaluates against a known composite profile for high-achievers in a given position, i.e. hygienist, assistant, administrative.

The assessment is utilized to assess personality attributes, motivators & de-motivators, communication style, character strengths, emotional intelligence, conscientiousness, ability to adapt/flex, stress level, energy level, and limitations relevant to the job in question. The results are designed to reveal talents and issues that otherwise would go undetected. The assessment is a more objective and consistent means of evaluation.

How successful is it?

Combined with traditional hiring techniques like resumes, interviews and reference checking, the Drake P3 system increases the hiring success rate to 75 percent. For existing employees, the benefits of having the right person in the right role cannot be understated.

What is included?

With each assessment, a report details how well the individual matches your needs and the likelihood of job success. Based on the degree of matching, the report will also provide specific behavior-based interview questions that will help determine if the candidate’s degree of adaptability will make him/her a good match.

The assessment is the best of all worlds by supporting good hiring, better staff retention, and team building.