Our clients say Bent Ericksen & Associates is the most trusted HR advisory and services provider to dentists, physicians and veterinarians.

Our technology platform makes Human Resources compliance and management easy, while giving our clients the peace of mind they require to protect and advance their businesses. We help clients reduce risk, stay compliant and perform better by harnessing, advancing and championing their most valuable asset; their people.

Our seasoned advisory team serves as an indispensable resource, helping clients solve every imaginable HR issue and inspiring them to thrive. With expertise in the regulatory compliance requirements of every State, we strengthen businesses and build meaningful value by empowering their people.

With over 40 years of operational excellence, we know what works. We teach and advise clients on what it takes to operate their business to ensure full compliance, helping them avoid costly pitfalls and operational mayhem that stem from Human Resource compliance issues.

HR and employment compliance can be complicated and challenging. Managing employees while juggling all of your other business responsibilities can be especially difficult. Like any skill, team management can be taught, learned, and mastered. We are passionate about sharing these abilities with leaders.

We give our clients confidence in their HR foundation and empower them to take control of their business. Whether you’re preparing for a new hire or a termination, keeping your policy manual up to date, avoiding harassment claims, following paperwork requirements, implementing job descriptions, correctly handling overtime, or properly dealing with pregnancy leave, we have your back.

Our main office is in Oregon, consisting of Certified HR Specialists, experienced consultants, and compassionate customer service specialists, and we understand the law and compliance requirements in every State!

Our trusted, world-class HR products, services, and advice continue to give clients the confidence to manage their teams so they can focus on providing the greatest patient care.

At Bent Ericksen & Associates, we believe work can be engaging, fulfilling, and enjoyable, and when that happens, teams find purpose and connection, creating a healthier, stronger world.

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