The first step toward success and compliance is your purchase of the HR Director. The next step is continuing to realize the benefits from your investment. There will always be new challenges. This is where our ongoing support fits in.

Starting in year 2 as an HR Director client, we offer Annual Support Agreements (ASAs).

We Grow With You

Small offices don’t need as much support as larger offices, and our pricing reflects that. Nonetheless, as you grow, we grow with you. As you expand in locations or employees, we have your back.

Regulations vary depending on your employee number, and in most cases you need to count all of your employees at all of your locations in one total.

Starting at $795 per year

ASA Includes:

HR Director Access

The tools you need to run your HR department: Forms, Job Descriptions, and of course your custom Policy Manual.

HR Specialist Access

Regulations are confusing. Should that continuing education event be paid? Can you fire a difficult employee in a protected class? What is required for your pregnant employee? Any HR question, any topic, we have the experts to answer them. We’ve heard it all, so ask away and let us guide you to a solution. Preventing HR-related problems is our #1 goal, so don’t hesitate to reach out at the first sign of trouble.

Ongoing Compliance Updates

Never miss an update again. You just invested in a comprehensive, compliant, and awesome policy manual. Don’t let that go to waste by missing an important regulatory change, or a new law in your state. Employment compliance is never static, and there will always be new things to learn and navigate. HR should be a living breathing part of your business, not something that collects dust on a shelf.

State or federal, if it affects your business, we keep you current. We draft the new language, send you alerts, and the updates are electronically placed in your manual.