What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been a client of Bent Ericksen for 7 years. I am amazed how Bent Ericksen handled themselves during the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic when we were forced to close our dental office. They did not get wrapped into the social media knee-jerk reaction their competitors displayed. Bent Ericksen presented well thought out webinars and showed professionalism. They did not contribute to the fear and panic of the pandemic. They were patient to respond and gave great advice. They continue to only send out emails that are identified as important with bullet point summaries. Several of my fellow colleagues had the same experiences with Bent Ericksen, who stepped up to the challenge to go above and beyond to help us during the uncertainty of 2020. I have called them more this year than the last 7 years combined. Each time I reached out, I quickly received a call back from a knowledgeable expert who helped me through the issue. They showed patience, great listening skills and gave great advice. I can't say enough about Bent Ericksen and strongly feel that they are the BEST and only choice for Employment Compliance and Human Resources.
Aileen Helton
Adrienne Twigg is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker who shares valuable strategies that dentists can incorporate into their offices to ensure they are following best practices for staffing and human resources.
David J. Owsiany
JD, Executive Director Ohio Dental Association
Thanks very much for sending me this valuable information. You’ve been a great help over the years.
Dr. Robert Haze
Bent Ericksen is the best source of guidance and information in the area of personnel selection and administration. The personnel program prevents misunderstandings and legal problems. [It] makes the job of managing people almost manageable!
Dr. Robert J. Cunningham
Your presentation was a real eye opener. I have always tried to be fair, and as a result, perhaps too generous to my employees. When a staff problem or management decision comes up I have struggled to make decisions without benefit of knowing what the Labor Law says or what the community standard is. Your programs [are] a rescue life raft to a dentist swimming in the constantly changing employment regulations. I think my staff will be pleased to have employment policies and employment benefits made clear.
Dr. John Childers
We recommend Bent Ericksen and Associates’ Personnel Management Program to every one of our 900 clients.
Thomas & Fees
Certified Public Accountants
We have seen a lot of policy manuals. Yours is the best, we are so impressed.
Mrs. Joy
Office Manager
These manuals should be given to each graduating dental senior. They are great.
Dr. Ken Wynne
All dentists should be familiar with Bent Ericksen & Associates. All [of our] dental management consultants have relied on BEA and their expert associates to keep their practice up to the minute with the legalities of hiring, dismissing, and maintenance of employee records. They have been, for 20 plus years, at the top of my list of referrals for all employee issues. My clients still thank me for recommending this premier dental HR firm.
Linda L. Miles
Founder, Speaking Consulting Network