“Human Resources compliance is a critical part of our clients’ success. I strongly recommend Bent Ericksen & Associates; their quality products and support services are the best I have seen.”
Robert P. Phillips, CPA/PFS, CPF, CFS,Phillips Accountancy
“It is very comforting to have access to someone who is an absolute authority on staff relations.”
Dr. Dan C. Murphy
“No doctor can afford to be without Bent Ericksen’s Personnel Management Program.”
Jennifer de St. Georges, Consultant
“We purchased a personnel staff policy manual at the Sacramento midwinter convention. I just wanted you to know it is wonderful and the staff liked it also. Thank you so much.”
Devyn Schneck, Office Manager
“I want to let you know how valuable I have found your staff management program. The combination of forms, tapes, and the manual have allowed me to organize a part of my practice that has always been very difficult for me to manage. The use of this manual in conjunction with the forms defines many of the employment questions from the staff that, in the past, led to misunderstandings. I also appreciate your availability on the phone in helping put together the final touches of the manual.”
Dr. Alan Goodwin
“I have worked on putting together a manual for 19 years and would never have completed it. Your manual is a godsend.”
Dr. Burton Miller
“I received notification from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing that the discrimination complaint brought against us has been closed. We want to thank you for your support and guidance in this matter and also to express our satisfaction in your outstanding handling of our concern. It is very much appreciated.”
Dr. Tom Walsh & Dr. Yolanda Mangrum
“We used to look at interviewing new employee candidates as a difficult guessing game. With your help and guidance, we get more pertinent information in less time in these interviews. Your handwriting analysis is uncanny. It is as though you have been present at the interviews with the accuracy your analysis provides. You have saved us an enormous amount of money, stress, and frustration by helping us pick the right person for the job. You might be the best investment we have ever made in our office.”
Dr. Craig Schrager
“These manuals should be given to each graduating dental senior. They are great.”
Dr. Ken Wynne
“For the first time in years I am happy with the staffing of our office. We are fully staffed and the morale is good. Today one staff said they liked to come to work now because she knew what she was supposed to do when she got to work. This was satisfying. Another said she enjoyed being appreciated and another said she felt that she was part of something larger and learning current advances. I want you to know I am immensely grateful for being where we are now. I thank you for your assistance over these past few years! We’ve worked through some tight spots.”
Dr. Michael Doucett
“We recommend Bent Ericksen and Associates’ Personnel Management Program to every one of our 900 clients.”
Thomas & FeesCertified Public Accountants
Bent Ericksen is the best source of guidance and information in the area of personnel selection and administration. The personnel program prevents misunderstandings and legal problems. [It] makes the job of managing people almost manageable!”
Dr. Robert J. Cunningham
“I want to thank you for putting together an excellent personnel management product. Since we have been using your comprehensive package, it has relieved us of the tremendous burden of “winging it” with staff employment matters. With the way we had been conducting this part of our business in the past, we always had the gnawing feeling that it was just a matter of time before another problem staff issue would arise. By following your clear and concise outline of how to better deal with employment issues, we have the confidence of knowing that matters are being properly handled. We can now expect to have fewer frustrating and costly employment problems.”
Dr. Jay Goble
“We recently went through a lengthy unemployment hearing with an employee who quit, but said she was fired. Because of your manuals and your ideas, we finally won the case. Thank you.”
Dr. Hal Coe
“It’s like a road map to good staff relations, when we follow the map, we avoid the stressful detours that are often so immensely costly.”
Dr. Joseph Waller
“I wish I had the manuals when I started practice years ago, I would have saved myself a lot of grief!”
Dr. Ray N. McClave
“You have a wonderful product and I compliment you on it—you are a gem of a resource.”
Dr. Richard Jergensen
“The Personnel Manuals free me to do what I do best—treat my patients”
Dr. George Markle
“Your personnel manuals are indeed a blessing to the small professional business. The more I use the information in the manuals, the more impressed I am.”
Dr. Catherine Webb
“There is a proper way of handling difficult employees. I needed help, so I called Bent Ericksen. Without delay, I was helped in several letter compositions. The proper selection of words thus becomes important. This is where your expertise was exceedingly critical. So, thank you very much for your help in dealing with difficult dental employee problems.”
Dr. Constantine Aronis
“All dentists should be familiar with Bent Ericksen & Associates. All [our] management consultants have relied on Bent and his expert associates to keep them up to the minute with the legalities of hiring, dismissing, and maintenance of employee records. They are at the top of my list of referrals for employee issues.”
Linda L. Miles, CMCVirginia Beach, VA
“When I showed my attorney your manual, he was very impressed and said that it was the best one he had ever seen.”
Dr. Jack Boatman
“We have seen a lot of policy manuals. Yours is the best, we are so impressed.”
Mrs. Joy, Office Manager
“Your service is a godsend—you have been a fantastic help and have made my life so much easier.”
Dr. Robert Hill
“Upon entering the dental field, I wrote my own manual. That was 20 years ago. It was a tremendous job to keep up with the labor laws and updating. When I discovered your product, I was overjoyed. Your manuals are current and have served me for many years. I follow them to the letter and they have saved me a lot of heartache through the years. Every one of my employees know what the rules are and what is expected. When I hire a new employee, the first day on the job, they go into the staff lounge and read all our manuals from cover to cover before I will let them into the work place. When all documents are signed and all questions answered, they are ready for work. It is like informed consent to work. It’s great! I know there are dentists that think this manual stuff is a lot of bother. It only takes one incident to make a believer out of you. Three years ago your system saved me $8,000.”
Dr. Victor Savage
“Your presentation was a real eye opener. I have always tried to be fair, and as a result, perhaps too generous to my employees. When a staff problem or management decision comes up I have struggled to make decisions without benefit of knowing what the Labor Law says or what the community standard is. Your programs [are] a rescue life raft to a dentist swimming in the constantly changing employment regulations. I think my staff will be pleased to have employment policies and employment benefits made clear.”
Dr. John Childers
“Thanks very much for sending me this valuable information. You’ve been a great help over the years.”
Dr. Robert Haze