Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding


Practice success is driven by people. And no function is more critical than the ability to attract, train, develop, motivate, manage and retain qualified competent people.

Today, challenges exist just finding people. The labor market is tight and the “pool” of available candidates is small and thus causing a lot of frustration for many dentists. Your recruiting and hiring efforts need a wholesale “refresh” for success including emphasis on a candidate’s attitude, emotional intelligence and “fit factor”, not just skills and experience.

And that’s only half of the battle. The second half is having a comprehensive onboarding plan that will support commitment and long-term employment.

This session will help you:
  • Avoid common recruiting and hiring mistakes
  • Create more effective job postings
  • Learn tips and tricks that are working in other practices
  • Use multiple and non-traditional methods of recruiting to find the best candidates
    (discover where the good people are hiding)
  • Effectively screen candidates and eliminate wasted time {phone, video, team}
  • Incorporate better interviewing techniques and questions to ask that get “behind-the-
  • Establish a robust onboarding plan based on the Four C’s

The benefits include better hiring and decreased turnover, meaning less emotional and financial stress for you and your team. 

Others key components of the recruiting and hiring process that will be explored are: Job Descriptions, Background Checks, Job-Match Tools, Pre-employment Assessments and Skills Assessments

LENGTH: 2-4 hours

AUDIENCE: Doctor, Spouse, Bona Fide Office Manager only

FEES: $750 – $1,500 with sales opportunity*; $1,500 – $2,500 without sales opportunity*

EXPENSES: Negotiable, based on coordinated travel, lodging, and meals.

AV REQUIREMENTS: Projection Screen, Projector/Computer Table, Lav Mic if over 25 participants

*Sales opportunity includes: providing a table for product display, professional reference to products and services in presentation, and promotional pricing incentive attributed to Sponsor.

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Tim Twigg

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