Policy Manual Review Service


Product Description:

Product Description: Have your Policy Manual carefully reviewed and evaluated by our leading HR professionals. Simply send us your current manual or handbook in electronic or paper form for review. During the extensive review process, we go through each provision of the existing manual, identifying when language, provisions or policies are:

  • Out of compliance with contemporary standards
  • Inconsistent with federal and state regulations in the state in which you are located
  • Inadvisable for sound HR management and employment compliance
  • Illegal, contradictory or missing
  • Represent areas of risk or lack of compliance based on the manual’s content

You will receive a report, via email, of the results of your policy manual review.

Please Note:

  1. The Policy Manual Review Service is only available for Dental practices, Veterinarians, and small medical offices. If you have any questions about your particular business, please contact us.
  2. The Policy Manual Review Service is just a review. This is not a full rewrite of your manual, nor will we provide missing policy language. For this level of service, please refer to our HR Director Package.