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We provide the crucial elements to achieve HR compliance and handle the inevitable day-to-day circumstances of having a team.

Our main product is the “HR Director Package.” Designed to get you into compliance and keep you in compliance, through the full employee lifecycle, this suite of services is based on 40 years of on-the-ground, in-the-trenches experience. You receive the culmination of decades of real-world knowledge.

The HR Director Package

The core of the HR Director is these 5 key HR elements:


Policy Manual


Job Descriptions


Personnel Forms


Ongoing Compliance Alerts & Updates


Certified HR Specialist Support

Even the best business leaders need an occasional helping hand.

Our HR Specialists are true experts in their field. They have been where you are: they have managed teams and run businesses.

They have the book-smarts and the street-smarts for a powerful combination to give you confidence in your actions. All of our HR Specialists are certified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and/or the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

Examples of common HR Specialist questions:
  • Can I fire this employee without liability?
  • Does this CE event need to be paid? What about travel time and expenses?
  • How do I handle pregnancy leave?
  • How should I respond to this unemployment claim?
  • Can I deduct expenses from my employee’s paycheck?
  • Am I in compliance with overtime regulations?
  • How do I pay a Temporary Employee?
  • Can I classify someone as an Independent Contractor?
  • I think an employee is stealing from me, what do I do?
  • Should I drug test an employee I think is using?

Don’t wait until a crisis occurs.

We are also your resource for strategic HR decisions.

Examples of proactive topics:

  • Revising your performance review process and setting employee goals
  • Maximizing employee effectiveness through cross-training
  • Coaching employees and motivating them using appreciation versus punishment
  • Implementing a new bonus or incentive program
  • Understanding wellness programs
  • Making your vacation or PTO benefits easier to manage
  • Writing or editing job descriptions for maximum clarity
  • Streamlining the hiring process to recruit the right candidate
  • Successfully implementing changes after purchasing an established business
  • Establishing consistent disciplinary documentation to avoid potential future liability
How Much Does it Cost?

For clients with an Annual Support Agreement:

HR Specialist time is part of your Annual Support Agreement (included at no extra charge). Learn more about support agreements.

If you do not have our Support Agreement:

Calls are billed as follows: $75 for the first 10 minutes and $10 for each minute after. Why not just an hourly rate? We have found that most calls take 10—20 minutes. So why pay for an hour when you only need 20 minutes?

No business or practice is exactly the same. We take pride in offering personalized services and tailored products to meet the unique demands and challenges you face in the world of HR. Visit our FAQs page for details or contact us anytime!

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