Solving the HR Puzzle: Challenges, Requirements and Recommendations

Solving the HR Puzzle: Challenges, Requirements and Recommendations

(What you don’t know could hurt you)

Human Resources (HR) and Employment Compliance are aspects of a practice that can be frustrating and confusing. A black-hole full of assumptions, myths, and uncertainty. Many dentists and office managers find themselves unprepared for handling these two key areas of responsibility because of limited training and inconsistent information.

With today’s rapidly shifting HR landscape, addressing the evolving regulatory compliance requirements has never been more challenging. All of this is while juggling the everyday dynamics of team cohesion, communication, and life circumstances, which are a challenge on their own.

The incidences of labor-related complaints & lawsuits, out-of-court settlements, penalties and fines continue to rise. Wisely and confidently dealing with these regulatory requirements reduces stress, risk & liability, while, at the same time, providing peace-of-mind.

Join us as we explore your HR and Employment Compliance challenges:
  • Current trends in employment areas
  • New and updated HR compliance regulations
  • Determining your potential risk and liability
  • How to reduce costly turnover and strategies for finding and retaining employees
  • Needed HR documentation and parameters
  • Tips to streamline your HR workload

Protecting your practice, preventing problems, and achieving greater success begins with: 1) increasing your awareness and knowledge, and 2) implementing a new and improved HR and Employment Compliance plan of action. This presentation will arm you with the skills and confidence to establish a more successful HR and Employment Compliance foundation to build on.

LENGTH: 2-3 hours

ELIGIBLE CE: 2-3 hours

AUDIENCE: Doctor, Spouse and bona fide Office Managers & Administrators

AV REQUIREMENTS: Projector Screen, Projector/Computer Table, Lav Microphone if over 25

HONORARIUM: $750 – $1,500 w/sales opportunity* (depending on length of time)
$1,500 – $2,500 w/o sales opportunity* (depending on length of time)

EXPENSES: Negotiable, based on coordinated travel, lodging, and meals, and number of participants

*Sales opportunity includes: providing a table for product display, professional reference to products and services in presentation, and promotional pricing incentive attributed to Sponsor.

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