Every “real” company has an HR Department—when you’re hired, you meet with HR and fill out paperwork, sign agreements, read a policy manual, get a job description, and learn about code of conduct rules.

Dentists are at risk of a labor-related lawsuit due to myriad factors: negligent hiring, unfair termination, not paying for CE correctly, not handling pregnancy leave correctly, missteps with overtime, etc. You can avoid risks by taking HR seriously.

With Bent Ericksen & Associates, the preferred HR partner for the AAP, you have a cost-effective, professional HR solution. We have over 40 years of proven results doing HR right, just for you, just like the “real” companies.

With your HR bases covered there is no more guesswork, no more flying by the seat of your pants, no more wishing and hoping. Most importantly, you take a giant step toward protecting your most valuable asset: your practice.

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Having our HR Director Package is like having that full HR Department you need to avoid risk. With the HR Director, you’ll get all the support from our team to build an efficient, compliant workplace, including:

  • A fully customized HR policy manual
  • Job descriptions for every position
  • Personnel forms for the full employee lifecycle
  • The latest updates in HR compliance
  • Certified HR Specialists via phone and email

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