Building a Winning Team

Building that Elusive Winning Team
(It’s not as elusive as you think)

SYNOPSIS: Nothing contributes to business’ consistent, long-term success like a truly effective and cohesive team. Building a winning team is not an elusive, unachievable task. In fact, it is very attainable when you possess the basics skills of recruitment, selection, and retention, coupled with effective communication and team management.

The alternative, high employee turnover, is a killer—customer care suffers, stress levels are high, and the bottom line is significantly impacted. Building a winning team is not just about finding people with skill, but instead knowing how to find and identify people with the right attitude.

During this presentation participants will learn:

  • 12 key elements for building a winning team
  • Foundational components necessary for successful hiring practices
  • Skills for more effective recruitment, i.e. finding the right team players
  • Selection tools that increase the odds of long term hiring success
  • Hazards associated with background checks
  • Retention fundamentals that contribute to team stability, better job performance, and reduced turnover
  • Performance evaluations and feedback techniques to insure quality communication and great team morale
  • Where team meetings fit into the success paradigm
  • The “how-when-where-and-who” guidelines for effective team meetings

Geared for business owner and staff, this presentation teaches participants the principles behind team development and team building, as well as the techniques for maintaining a winning team. Participants will come away excited and motivated, with greater self-initiative and desire to succeed.

LENGTH: 6—8 hours

AUDIENCE: Owner, Spouse, Team

FEES: $1,500 with sales opportunity*; $2,500 without sales opportunity*

EXPENSES: Negotiable, based on coordinated travel, lodging, and meals.

AV REQUIREMENTS: Projection Screen, Projector/Computer Table, Lav Mic if over 35 participants

*Sales opportunity includes: providing a display table for products, professional reference to company products and services at the end of the presentation, and promotional pricing incentive attributed to sponsor.