Why the change? All technology eventually needs to be replaced. Our original HR Director software was 9 years old and had reached its capacity. It was time for a full rebuild.
What is New?

The system has been re-built from the ground up.
We have improved every function and added some new ones.

Employee Database

We can add your employees to the system now! Track birthdays, anniversaries, license/certifications, attendance issues, time off requests, emergency contacts, and more. A simple Dashboard shows you what’s coming up so you’re always prepared. You can enter your employees one at a time yourself, or we can send you a spreadsheet to import everyone at once.


Most forms are now fillable PDFs to aid in completion. A future update will include a full paperless system.

Job Descriptions

In addition to more editing options, you can assign a custom job description to an employee, allowing them to view their job description online. You can create as many copies and versions as you want.


Easily customize what users have access to. You can control what employees and managers see in the HR Director.

Easier Policies

We have simplified and shortened our standard policy wording. In addition to being more modern, the wording is friendlier and easier to read. Employees can read and comprehend your expectations faster and easier.


Use the HR FAQ’s to learn about hiring, interview questions, pregnancy, termination, wage & hour, etc. Easy to navigate and search.

Greater HR Compliance

The Policy Editor has been improved with Track Changes. This allows us to review all changes to ensure compliance while still giving you full access to editing optional policies. We’ve also added spellcheck and sorting functions.

How Do I Switch Over?

Your account has already been created and is ready to use! The new program has a different login process; everything is based on email addresses. The primary owner username will be the email we have on file for you.

Ready to Log In?

Click the Login button below.
Click the top link (“If your login is your email”)
Choose the Forgot Password link, and then follow the instructions.