For over 30 years Bent Ericksen & Associates (BEA) has been a leading authority in Employment Compliance and Human Resources. We provide the comprehensive materials and ongoing consultative support services that help business owners navigate the tricky employment landscape.

HR Director

Our comprehensive human resource platform with powerful web tools and expert coaching to protect your greatest asset – your practice! HR Director from Bent Ericksen & Associates is like having a full HR Department in your back pocket. With HR Director, you’ll get all the support from our team that you’ll need to build an efficient, compliant workplace, including:

  • A fully customized HR policy manual
  • Job descriptions & personnel forms
  • Updates on the latest in compliance laws
  • Access to our dedicated HR-Specialists
  • A variety of resources and knowledge to assist you immediately

The Support You Need

Your practice is unique, and so are your HR needs. Bent Ericksen & Associates proudly offers a full suite of HR support options to help those specific areas of your practice which need an upgrade in order to maximize compliance, employee efficiency, and revenue. In short, we provide the tools to make HR simple, compliant, and worry-free:

Drake P3 Personality Assessments

A dedicated system to be coupled with traditional hiring methods to help you profile applicants and help you find the perfect fit for the role.

Policy Manual Review Service

Our review service acts as a checkup to make sure your materials are still compliant.


Professional Bonus Incentive Software with tailored features for your practice to help you properly manage salaries.

Alternative Workweek Schedule

Step-by-step instructions, forms, and support for CA-based practices when dealing with AWS requirements.

Our Resource Library is available to everyone, and is full of FAQs, guides, and more to help you immediately, no matter what state you’re in!

Annual Support Agreements

It isn’t enough for us to get you signed up for HR Director and sent on your way. Starting in year 2 as an HR Director client, we offer Annual Support Agreement (ASA) plans to help better fit your unique needs and stick within your budget.

Annual Support

Our standard support option, included in the HR Director Package. Ideal for employers of all sizes who are looking for confident support and updates at a very reasonable price on an ongoing basis.

Limited ASA

Our support option for the seasoned employer who is well-versed in employment compliance, has stable employees, low turnover, and very few ongoing HR issues.

Each option maintains access to the online HR Director, and includes two key components: expert HR Specialist support when you need it, and periodic compliance updates as federal or state regulations change.

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