Job Match & Selection using Drake P3 Assessment

Understanding & Integrating Personalities to Achieve Team Success


We’ve all heard the phrase “get the right people on the bus.” Well just as important is: “get the right people in the right seats”─in other words, playing to people’s strengths.

This requires understanding of people, both individually and collectively, different personalities, motivational needs and more effective ways to communicate. By using the Drake P3 Personality Assessment you will ensure that each member of your team is working in the position most suited for their strengths.

During this workshop participants will learn:
  • Communication style
  • Decision-making style
  • Leadership style
  • Motivational needs
  • Primary motivators and demotivators
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conscientiousness
  • Environmental/role adjustments
  • Current stress level
  • Level of proactivity
  • Level of self-monitoring

Combining both individual and group process the workshop will explore new ideas for supporting and motivating success, creating positive team energy and learning why “Emotional Intelligence” (EQ) is so important in today’s workplace.

The personal insights gained will enhance interactions with other team members, job satisfaction, performance, excitement and team synergy. This will help build a more effective workforce by opening and enhancing lines of communication, resolving conflict more effectively, creating more productive and cooperative teams and self-motivating people to achieve their potential.

Each participant will be provided with a presentation handout along with their individual assessment and supporting resource material.

LENGTH: Half-day or Full-day formats

AUDIENCE: Doctor, Spouse, Team

FEES: $750 with sales opportunity*; $1,500 without sales opportunity*

EXPENSES: Negotiable, based on coordinated travel, lodging, and meals.

AV REQUIREMENTS: Projection Screen, Projector/Computer Table, Lav Mic if over 35 participants

*Sales opportunity includes: providing a display table for products, professional reference to company products and services at the end of the presentation, and promotional pricing incentive attributed to sponsor.

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