Personal & Employment Compliance Presentation & Workshop

Tim Twigg
Bent Ericksen & Associates

Employment Compliance for Dentists

(What you don’t know could hurt you)

SYNOPSIS: Since human resource management and compliance are not taught in the typical dental school curriculum, due to the variety of state and federal labor regulations, doctors often find themselves in court regarding employment issues. Such lawsuits can be emotionally draining and financially devastating.

Dealing wisely and effectively with complex employment issues can be particularly challenging because personnel issues are a major source of stress for most practitioners. These issues can come in various forms such as: employee pay, employee benefits (vacation, sick, medical, retirement, etc.), leave of absence, pregnancy and pregnancy leave, hiring, and termination, just to name a few.

Fran Pangakis
Fran Pangakis Consulting

During this workshop participants will learn:

  • Determine their degree of potential exposure and liability,
  • Minimize exposure to potentially costly lawsuits and complaints,
  • Insure compliance with State and Federal employment regulations,
  • Prevent misunderstandings─create a positive and productive work environment,
  • Define rights and responsibilities of employer and employees,
  • Improve morale and job performance,
  • Hire the right people,
  • Reduce costly staff turnover.

Geared for the dentist/owner, this presentation delves deeply into how to easily apply proven, professional personnel management techniques to some of the many common personnel problems to help take the risk out of being an employer and insure employment law compliance. Each participant will be provided with a presentation handout along with supporting resource material.

Rebecca Boartfield
Bent Ericksen & Associates

LENGTH: 2-4 hours

AUDIENCE: Doctor, Spouse, Bona Fide Office Manager only

FEES: $750 with sales opportunity*; $1,500 without sales opportunity*

EXPENSES: Negotiable, based on coordinated travel, lodging, and meals.

AV REQUIREMENTS: Projection Screen, Projector/Computer Table, Lav Mic if over 35 participants

*Sales opportunity includes: providing a display table for products, professional reference to company products and services at the end of the presentation, and promotional pricing incentive attributed to sponsor.