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WANTED: Beta-Testers

For Our New Integrated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Module

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Bent Ericksen & Associates is pleased to announce the soft-launch of our integrated SOPs module. As part of this soft-launch, we are looking for 50 practices that would like to jump onboard, be early adopters, and provide us with feedback.

We have long valued the benefits and role SOPs can play in onboarding, training, performance management and, by extension, long-term employee retention and success. SOPs represent the perfect complement to good, sound HR and Employment Compliance practices.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

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  • You struggle with consistency and skills proficiency with employees.
  • You would like to more quickly and efficiently onboard a new employee, without having another employee train them the whole time.
  • At times, you hire employees without any dental experience and find it challenging to provide the necessary, comprehensive training.
  • You would benefit from cross-training (front office to the back, or vice versa), yet the time and/or expertise is missing.


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We now offer a great solution. Our integrated SOPs module is a collaboration and partnership with StreamDent, LLC, and Dr. William Moorhead. Dr. Moorhead, a practicing dentist with over twenty years experience and converted to an entirely digital dental office in 2006.

Driven to provide a consistent and reproducible patient experience in his own practice, Dr. Moorhead also wanted to help other dentists create their dream offices too; offices with consistent performance and little or no stress. The end result is StreamDent, a cloud-based system–no software to download, install or maintain—simply login and you are good to go—which gives your team access to SOPs (inclusive of scripts, how-to’s and checklists) to run every aspect of your practice smoothly and efficiently throughout the day.

From phone etiquette to hygiene procedures; from tray setups to new patient protocols, these SOPs support consistency, reduce training time, and increase efficiency with onboarding and training. We’re talking about a system that guides your team through every process in the practice – from the first patient phone call, to setting up for procedures, even complex procedures, to scripting a perfect “handoff” to eliminate no-shows.

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Features include:

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  • 100% customizable – each practice can have their unique sets of lists, including instruments, clinical supplies, and procedural preferences.
  • Easy to use – this will cut your training time by 75% or more.
  • Forms and scripts based – guaranteed standard of care with consistent results.
  • Paperless – interfaces with your current HR Director system for a paperless solution!

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You don’t have to do a thing except start using them, and customize them as you go.

We are currently looking for 50 of our dental clients who would like to participate in the beta-test phase of the rollout. Selection will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

You will receive orientation and training on the SOPs module from us. Your participation will require you to commit time and resources to implementing and utilizing the SOPs module, as well as providing feedback to us, over a 60-day timeframe.

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If you are interested in being one of the 50 beta-testers, please fill out the form or email us at: info@bentericksen.com

Your HR Support Team
Bent Ericksen & Associates

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