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Bent Ericksen & Associates Launches A New Innovative Website Designed for a Simpler more Optimized Client Experience

Eugene, Oregon. 5/2/24 Bent Ericksen and Associates, the leading provider of HR solutions for dental, medical, and veterinary practices, is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website, now live at

The new website reflects Bent Ericksen and Associates’ values of providing simple and easy-to-understand high-quality HR services for the healthcare provider community, both human and animal. The site is rich with FAQs that empower client owners of dental, medical, and veterinary practices and visitors alike to learn more about HR issues that may impact their practice. The new site offers access to a plethora of powerful seminars, library resources, and HR and employment compliance products, services, and relevant materials. This fresh, easy-to-navigate modern design is tailored to support users and help make HR management less stressful through accessible features and services.

“We are excited about launching our new website. It reflects everything we stand for including making it easy for clients to access anything they need within a few clicks,” said Alan Twigg, Partner at Bent Ericksen and Associates. “

Some key features of the new Bent Ericksen’s website include:

  • Streamlined navigation for easier access to browsing.
  • Easy access to advisory services and products such as the HR Director.
  • Access to a rich content resource library which includes seminars, and informational handbooks.


About Bent Ericksen and Associates: Bent Ericksen and Associates is the nation’s leading authority on HR solutions for dental, medical, and veterinary offices. For over 40 years the company has helped small businesses develop their HR management and achieve employee compliance. Bent Ericksen and Associates offer products and services to help make HR simpler, empowering these practices to grow and thrive.


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Alan Twigg

Bent Ericksen and Associates